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Create, Build, Grow

Hi I'm Yvette

I created Wave Wahines when my eldest daughter wanted to surf more but when we searched the local area we could not find something she was comfortable with. I'm passionate about women and girls in sport and with the support of Surf South West, coaches Karma & Liv, & my surf 'go-to' Steve, Wave Wahines was born in 2016.

Why me & Why Wahines

get outdoors


I am a firm believer in making the most of your surroundings and we are absolutely blessed with the most beautiful beaches and surf here in North Devon.



It's vital to provide a supportive, encouraging and fun environment for all of our members. The ocean doesn't judge you - so we shouldn't judge each other. It's a team!

self confidence


Positive representation for our women and girls is a key factor to show them, surfing is for all of them - all of us! This empowers them to be curious about what else they can achieve.



As a Personal Trainer and someone who sees the value of exercise as a release both mentally and physically it forms an integral part of what we do both on our surf sessions and in our winter season.

spread the stoke


There is nothing better than watching the joy that comes with riding a wave, falling off a wave and being in the sea with your girlfriends!



Whatever your age, sometimes it can be difficult to build new friendships, but in the sea you are always watching out for each other and cheering each other on - those bonds are pure friendship without biased.